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Obsługa PPOŻ

Our services include:

1supervision in the field of fire protection together with the duties of the Object Fireman so-called “Chief Fire Officer in the building”,

2assistance in adapting buildings, facilities, areas to fire protection requirements, in accordance with applicable regulators in Poland,

3opinions and expertise in the field of fire protection,

4representing customer during the inspection,

5analysis and interpretation of decisions issued by State Fire Brigade, construction supervision and other inspection authorities,

6Development of Fire Safety Instruction, which discusses in details all fire safety requirements for a given object or area,

7Service and maintenance of fire extinguishers directly in the user facility.

8Fire protection audits including an analysis of the actual state of fire safety and facility compliance with applicable fire regulations.

Security of mass events:

*We provide the necessary documentation and comprehensive safeguard in the field of fire protection of mass events, regardless of their location and the number of participants.

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